Sometime After The Garden Of Eden But Long Before Now

apples-and-snakes-bannerIf you follow this link Zolan Quobble & an early Apples and Snakes banner you will find some very kind words by Russell Thompson and evidence of a former life. This was a very intense period, a little bit like now although it is not miners this time and to date the mounted police have refrained from charging into a line of doctors.

The ‘sine qua non’ is flattering. There was a team of sine qua non’s at the time. Especially Mandy Williams, who was tireless and Pete Murry, who tried to keep us rigorous and Berni Cunnane, who was sane. There were also the performers who were extraordinarily generous.

To add a slight corrective, in case you were misled, any idea that I could produce that banner without enormous help from Greenwich Mural Workshop and Stephen Lobb is quite unrealistic.